Meet Zoe

I’m Zoe – a Brisbane based wedding and celebration cake maker, graphic designer, dog lover and fancy dress enthusiast. Cue the confetti! I describe my style in cake and life as whimsical, a touch vintage and a wee bit eclectic.

Confetti Cake Co. officially launched in January 2018. I say ‘officially’ because I’ve been making cakes and desserts since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Friends and family have seen countless wedding/birthday/just-because cakes and desserts during my experimentation years… just call me, the dessert enabler! Would you believe I tried more than 11 different doughnut recipes before I found one that I was happy with?

I’ve been graphic designer for over 15 years. As you can imagine working in that industry, I have grown to love challenging briefs, tight deadlines and creative license to try new things. When I read the words “surprise me” in your cake request, my heart skips a beat. As of August 2019, I left my secure corporate job to pursue cake decorating full time (eek!).

My mum Lynn, is my number one fan and helps out with cookies, wedding expos, long distance deliveries, and always has a vegemite and cheese sandwich on hand (my favourite). You will often see her zipping to and from the car on deliveries making sure I’ve got all my tools and a clean workspace. My dad is a behind-the-scenes guy and often helps our on deliveries as well, testing new cake recipes and is the best at keeping me going with his motivational speeches. My husband picked up a lot of the house chores since I started the #cakelife and always makes sure my car has its aircon pumping and is packed before I leave for a delivery.

Now you know all about me, I want to hear about you so drop me a line! I can’t wait to hear more about your event and inspirations. Let’s bring your ideas to life through delicious cake.